For PTP Alumns

Hello Alumn! I’ve lost touch with most of you, hopefully this website can serve to remedy that.

As you probably figured out by now, I’ve restarted the Practitioner Training Program but without the advanced program. I’ve actually been able to include a lot of the advanced program material in the 100 hour program, as well as adding a lot of new stuff. Age does have its benefits.

Anyway, I’d love to be in touch again. I have some ideas for what offerings I can make for alumns. If you sign up with an alumn membership, you’ll be able to access the new forum to network, ask questions, etc.

You can also get access to all the videos from the last training program, courtesy of Cheech Masucci who is now a videographer along with all her other talents, as well as the last year’s weekly 1-hour zoom meetings for $250 once you sign up.

I’m very interested in what y’all would like, so let me know.

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For those who have completed the PTP